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Southeast Christian School was founded in 2000 by Scott and Kelly Niemeier. Kelly has been an educator since 1993. Scott has been an ordained minister since 1994 and together they were the youth pastors at Maranatha Church in Mont Belvieu, Texas for 15 years. Scott is now the Associate Pastor under Mark Trice.

In August of 2000, Kelly had a young girl and her mother, who were members in the church, ask if she would home school her. The mother expressed that they were tired of the way her school was doing things and she didn't feel that her daughter was safe. She went on to say that she wanted to home school her daughter herself, but she did not feel like she could teach the subjects. Kelly came to the realization that there were probably many people who felt the same way. As a result, Southeast Christian School was birthed in her home with one student. In January of 2001, it grew to three students. By August of 2001 there were five students and the school moved from her home to a classroom at Maranatha Church. (Dr. Trice quickly caught on to her vision and love for the students and welcomed them.) By December of 2001 the school had grown to ten students. In May of 2002, Southeast Christian School held its first graduation ceremony with five graduates. By August of 2002, not only had the school replaced the five students that had graduated, but it grew to fifteen students. In August of 2003, Southeast Christian School enrolled twenty-five students and by December of that year, there were thirty. In January of 2017, SCS moved to a brand new facility at Mercy Gate Church in Mont Belvieu. At our current location, we look forward to continued growth! Pastor Donald Gibson has a love for students and has welcomed us to their new campus! Every year, S.C.S. has continued to grow and graduate students who have transferred to Stephen F. Austin University, Lamar University, University of Houston, Lee College, San Jacinto College, and many more!

S.C.S. continues to grow and transform the lives of students academically as well as spiritually. There are many reasons why S.C.S. is chosen by parents and students. Some are currently home schooled already, others need and flourish from a one on one teaching atmosphere, while still others enjoy the flexible schedule that allows them to work and be educated.

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